pulmonary nodules

So I've had this horrible rash for several days now and starte to get pains in my left lung so my mum called an ambulance for me. I was rushed to the er where they did a chest X-ray. Well of course they found two nodules of "golf ball size" on my lung. I sort of already knew this as I read the ct scan results but - it's going to be an interesting ride with the possibility of metastisis of my cervical cancer. I see my radiation oncologist tomorrow and tomorrow can not come fast enough!


when I got my new job back in December, I essentially told my body that if I got the job then that was going to be it for my cancer journey. However my body didn't seem to get that memo. So we'll see what happens tomorrow. I have already missed four days of work due to these horrible hives that are aalllllll over me. And I do mean all over!  Itchy as hell and so ugly painful. It's been a wonderful start to my February. I know some of you are going through just as much crap as I am and I send out the biggest hug to you!  To the rest that are doing well, keep doing what you're doing to keep your health on track!  Don't know if I will post an update tomorrow or not but I will eventually.  Bye for now   

Thomas threw a punch at your cancer.
Thomas, Olga sent you a hug.
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Oh no, Heather! Rash and lung nodules at the same time! What does it mean? I guess only biopsy may differentiate if your nodes malignant or not! PET scan will light up no matter of what if it's inflammation, infection, or malignancy. Please, keep us updated! Hugs!
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75% chance that it’s metastatic. But I’m waiting on a biopsy to confirm. Either way it’s back to chemo and radiation for me!
Your cancer was early Stage so that's a plus. There are other manifestations that it could be other than a met. Could even be pneumonia of some kind. I had pneumonia in the 1990's and I never coughed! I'm wishing you well and hoping those itches leave you, itches are a pain in the neck. 😘. Remember someone is always here. I wake up religiously at 1 am, 2 am; and usually up at 4 or 5 am, for the day.
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Marcia, me thinks you need a sleeping pill. Lol
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Aw Cheryl, you're right! But between the Lexapro and Valium chasers, you'd think I'd sleep like a log, lol!
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Ugh sleepless nights are the worst! Found out today that it is a 75% chance of metastatic but I’ll be getting a biopsy to confirm. I have a good radiation oncologist and I know he’s going to do his best to cure me a second time. But it’s back to chemo and radiation for me here soon.
I'm sorry for this awful stress. I hope you get support from your work, to take care of yourself. I'm glad your mom is a good support. Take care of yourself and let us know what is happening. Anal Cancer; I'm finding has a similar treatment and consequences as other pelvic cancers. So if you don't mind we like to support.
Hugs to you
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So far it seems like my job is going to be supportive. Although I will soon be starting chemo and radiation so I’m not sure if I’ll work all the way through treatment. I have a 75% chance of it being metastatic, it doesn’t look good. But I’ll fight again and it’s nice to have a place like this to come and share what’s happening.
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Darn it Heather, enough already. Yes, you've had Enough. Here you found THE job, and this Rude Cancer is speaking up again.
Your attitude is remarkable, lean on us whenever, but I must add, I won't even hear my phone middle of nite, so, Marcia will ha e to cover for me.
Hugs and lots of Love your way!
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Oh, and calmoseptine ointment great for itching.
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Thank you so much for the support. Found out today it’s a 75% chance of metastatic and it doesn’t look good. However, more radiation and chemo regardless so that’s something to look forward too 😑 ha
Surely not what you wanted to hear, just remember you beat CA once, you've got its number, so punch it in the nose and show it who's boss.
That's you, cause you have all of us on your side!
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I honestly was annoyed that it was only stage 1b. It felt like it “didn’t really” have cancer even though I went through treatment and now have permanent side effects from radiation. I’m also going through very early menopause because of radiation.

Even stage 1 can be serious.

Tell me your stories.

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Stretch as much as you can threw treatment if doing radiation, to keep your body limber throughout treatment. It will be easier to recover if you do that.

TALK ABOUT WHAT IS GOING ON! I have a degree in mental health and talking about what I was going through was a huge help. I even talked about survivors guilt (a friend passed from stage four while I was in treatment), and I talked about my side effects.

February 5, 2019

Metastatic now, yes 2020

Unusual vaginal bleeding, could feel something wasn’t right and hormonal changes.

Money needed for medical bills that occurred prior to treatment because I was not going to be trying to find work during that time.


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