Saw my radiation oncologist earlier today. Got the news from him that he actually wanted to see me earlier last week after reading my CT results. I wasn't able to reschedule and it didn't seem urgent (he didn't tell the nurse why he wanted to reschedule). Anyway. 75% metastatic and it doesn't look good. When I started to tear up a bit Dr. El Ghamry told me "look at me, look me in the eyes" essentially saying he's got me. And will do everything he can to zap out the cancer. He is an amazing doctor if you live in temple/Killeen Texas area. I decided to wait for a biopsy to confirm the metastatic diagnosis because I am the type that just has to have all the facts about a situation. Either way I will soon be starting chemo and radiation again. Not looking forward to it, especially the radiation. I have long term damage to both hips due to the radiation I received the first go round!  Now I get to wonder if chemo will be more intense this time or if I will stil be able to keep my hair. So....  for now that is really all the info that I've got. It'll sort of be up in the air until I can get that biopsy. It should be schedule sometime within the week. I have another CT scan next Friday - to double check the nodules size and placement. More updates to come!  I am wishing everyone who reads this the absolute best, whether you've just started your journey or you are ten years NED. Much love and hugs and support to every last one of you!  

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Your doc sounds wonderfully supportive. I'm so sorry for this agony. We are here for you! Hugs, and energy coming your way.
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Drats! We are so sorry to hear the nodules have a good chance of being nasty. Your doc sounds wonderful. We are sending pawsitive vibes your way and many hugs xx :*)
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Dear Heather. Oh, no. This is awful news. I’m sorry you have to go through this. Your doctor sounds very caring. I hope he zaps it all away in short order! Stay connected.
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Thank you for the positive vibes!!
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November 1, 2019

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January 9, 1982

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Cervical Cancer

October 20, 2018

Stage 4

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I honestly was annoyed that it was only stage 1b. It felt like it “didn’t really” have cancer even though I went through treatment and now have permanent side effects from radiation. I’m also going through very early menopause because of radiation.

Even stage 1 can be serious.

Tell me your stories.

February 2020 Now it is in my lungs

Vasicek Cancer Center, Scott and White in Temple, TX

Stretch as much as you can threw treatment if doing radiation, to keep your body limber throughout treatment. It will be easier to recover if you do that.

TALK ABOUT WHAT IS GOING ON! I have a degree in mental health and talking about what I was going through was a huge help. I even talked about survivors guilt (a friend passed from stage four while I was in treatment), and I talked about my side effects.

February 5, 2019

Metastatic now, yes 2020

Unusual vaginal bleeding, could feel something wasn’t right and hormonal changes.

Money needed for medical bills that occurred prior to treatment because I was not going to be trying to find work during that time.


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