Lung biopsy

So I had my biopsy on Thursday. All went well and I only have two very tiny needle marks near the middle of my chest. They told me I wouldn't be put out completely and I was a little worried. However, the antianxiety medication that they push through the IV is meant to have a dissociative afffect - where you feel like you're asleep but they can still ask you questions or move you around much more easily than if you are knocked out entirely. So I don't have any memory of the procedure. I did get a little overwhelmed at work yesterday. I'm still in training but I worked with a client kind of on my own and then needed to put all the information into the computer system - it was a bit much! My team lead had to leave early so I worked on the "paperwork" all alone and I'm not sure if I did it all correctly. To be fair, she did tell me it was difficult so I guess I shouldn't feel too badly. I have an appointment thiscoming Thursday with my attending oncologist to go over all the information for chemo. I keep making bets with myself as to whether I will lose my hair this time! I figure if I do, I am going to buy surgical caps to cover my head. I think that's a neat idea since I do work in medicine (mental health) although I'm still not sure if that would freak out my clients. I work with people who have very serious, severe mental illnesses (mostly schizophrenia or bipolar 1), so their brains don't work on a normative level anymore. There are two clients that I have meet so far that I really find endearing!  And I really want to see them both continue to do well - if not get super duper better!  Anyway, just checking in -- here's to you Marcia -- and hoping that all of you are doing well. Much love!

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There are some really attractive surgical caps and head scarves around. And I've seen some gorgeous head bands for smooth skulls (think Lt Ilia on Star Trek: The Motion Picture 1979). And well done with work - don't be hard on yourself - sounds to me like you completed a difficult task by yourself, doing the best you could. So what if there are mistakes? They can be easily corrected and you will learn for the next time - you will be an old hand in no time! We'll be thinking of you on Thursday and keeping fingers and paws crossed. Hugs! :*)
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Thank you fur all the love!! :)
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Hi Heather! I like that everything is being addressed in a timely manner. It seems like less and less, people are losing their hair from chemo. I lost it completely in 1991 from Cytoxan, but I had great fun with wigs! In 2012, it just thinned a bit from the Cisplatin, and I didn't even notice. I like the surgical caps idea though. My cousin Gene and late BFF Ellen (bi-polar) are/were bothered greatly by loud noises. Once when I was visiting someone in the hospital, their room was near the unit for people with brain injuries. There was a sign posted instructing visitors to close doors lightly and when there was a thunderstorm, they had to move their beds into the hall and close their room doors. I felt so bad for them😕. You are very kind to be concerned about their reactions. I bet they're happy to have you as a care worker. Many blessings on your treatments, and check back when time allows.👍🏻😘.
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I honestly was annoyed that it was only stage 1b. It felt like it “didn’t really” have cancer even though I went through treatment and now have permanent side effects from radiation. I’m also going through very early menopause because of radiation.

Even stage 1 can be serious.

Tell me your stories.

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Stretch as much as you can threw treatment if doing radiation, to keep your body limber throughout treatment. It will be easier to recover if you do that.

TALK ABOUT WHAT IS GOING ON! I have a degree in mental health and talking about what I was going through was a huge help. I even talked about survivors guilt (a friend passed from stage four while I was in treatment), and I talked about my side effects.

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Unusual vaginal bleeding, could feel something wasn’t right and hormonal changes.

Money needed for medical bills that occurred prior to treatment because I was not going to be trying to find work during that time.


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